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This episode is based on a listener request for me to review Tongue Diagnosis.  I share how I communicate with my patients, and review Colour, Coating, Cracking and Shape diagnostics. The Strength o...
January 9, 2018
On this episode I continue to show how TCM-Style Acupuncture steals (I mean borrows!) from other theories such as Six-Stages, Four Levels and Channnel Diagnosis.  Then, gather 'round, children, for a...
December 18, 2017
In this episode, I review what I call 'pack-rat' theory. The reason TCM-style acupuncture is so powerful is because we can steal from Yin-Yang, Qi, Weather Pattern Diagnosis, Five Element, and Zang-Fu...
December 4, 2017
Episode One asks the questions: Who am I? How did I get started in TCM? and Why this podcast?
November 22, 2017